So it begins

Well here I am, my first toe-dipping into blogging. I love blogs. I read all sorts of blogs for work, pleasure and the bits in between but never imagined writing my own.

So why am I doing it? Essentially I am doing it because a man I have never met told me to. I’ve never really considered myself as so easily led but the man is the author of a book I have purchased to help me write (a book? eek!) of my own. He is very clear that it is necessary to develop me as a writer and get into good writing habits – so today is the first day of this “habit”. The other habits he tells me to develop are considerably less scary than actually typing this – but there are only so many diversions I can take to avoid just getting on with it.

I did think that for me I thought I had demonstrated I was serious about writing, after all I had purchased lovely notepads,  beautiful coloured pens, the book about actually writing and even a lovely corduroy bag to pop it all in. However, when I was gifted a Chromebook for my birthday for my “writing” it kinda got more serious and gave me a much needed push. So, here I am – starting to write, starting to blog and starting to feel excitedly sick with nerves!

#newwriter #newblogger #getwriting